The Lost Isle I

The Goddess Lori, a merchant vessel turned exploration ship, sets out for a journey of riches and glory. Under the advise of The Captain, Erekk Tylebearer, rich playboy, owner of the Goddess, and heavy hand of the crew, sets out for a six week excursion on islands already explored to get his “sea legs.”

While travelling to an archipelago a few hundred miles away from Caraphae, a dark mist-turned fog enshrouds the Goddess Lori, causing the crew to become alarmed. As the crew tries to navigate through the fog, the mysterious Captain finally emerges from wherever he was hidden, trying to command the ship through the now thrashing waves.

Within half an hour, or so, the ship comes across an island, lonely in the sea, with a mountain that emerged from the fog, potentially being a safe haven for the crew. At the command of Erekk, the crew drop anchor, and he sends a landing party consisting of:

  • Gerron Igneon
  • Kinar the Shardmind
  • Ellywick Ashheart

to potentially seek a safe place to rest while the crew regains their bearings. Upon landing on shore, the new-found landing party notices that this island’s sand is luminescent, emitting a rainbow-like shimmer when hit by the sun. Unable to find an arcanic reason, the group made their way up the mile and a half walk inland to peer into the forest encased in shadow.

As they reached the forest’s edge… CRASH! What sounded like god-like cannon fire erupted behind them, and as they turned to see… the Goddess Lori was nothing more than a wreckage on the beach. Of course, the group ran to aid their shipmates—poor souls now disoriented and injured.

To make things worse, as they ran to their mates to help, they run into Erekk who was running in circles screaming expletives.

“What happened?” the group asked, almost unanimously.

“I don’t know, ****, ****, ****!” and without warning, their ship’s owner and the party’s benefactor ran for the woods.

To make things more pressing, and unknown voice was shouting orders from the otherside of the wreckage. Kinar volunteered to chase after their benefactor, while Garren and Ellywick went to learn the identity of the mysterious voice.

As it turned out, the mysterious voice belonged to a mysterious half-elf named Marik. Unsure whether or not to trust him, Garren and Ellywick’s concern was cut short as Kinar telepathically alerts them of the condition of Erekk. Erekk, caught by Kinar, tripped himself during his rampage, and as a result, broke several bones in his body. To make things worse, he seemed to being suffering an unknown ailment in his chest.

Marik, who seemed to have picked up the telepathic SOS, lets our party know that what’s inside Erekk is not a wound, but dark, dark magic, and that the only way to save him would be to find a mysterious flower in the darkness that is the island.

Still not sure whether or not to trust him, the party heads for the woods and soon find themselves in a deadly swamp. Using Ellywick as guide, the group hopes to navigate safely to what they hope is the flower; however, as they attempted to cross the dark, murky waters, they get ambushed by a group of Thornback and Sporeback frogs.

What they thought was a mere bump in the road, soon became a battle far greater than they intended as after the last Frog was slain by Ellywick, Garren and Kinar were faced with a Hulking Zombie.

After what could only be called a miracle—the zombie mysteriously becoming dust in the wind—the group advanced through the swamp where they found it: the mystical flower.

As Kinar raced to get it, Garren was attacked from above by a Vine Horror who, telepathically, whispered to the group that his Master would soon welcome them to her family.

After a heated battle, Garren, with the might of Pelor, sliced the Vine Horror in two, slaying it and freeing the fallen spirit within.

With the flower in tow, the party raced back to their benefactor’s side, giving the prize to Marik.

With great precision, Marik opened Erekk’s chest cavity, thrusting the flower inside of him. Once he removed his arm, a black, otherworldly cloud emerged from Erekk’s chest and whispped away.

Confused but relieved, the group demanded answers from Marik who, with every word he said, revealed that he was not a part of their ship’s crew, but was possibly spiritually connected to the island, and that someone he knew, the Swamp Lady was responsible for everything that had occurred to them thus far.

As they attempted to process this information, a group of wild-looking men approached the wreckage-turned-camp, demanding tribute to the Swamp Lady. After asking for the leader, Garren stepped up to face the bandits, attacking the bandit leader. Pleased with his actions, the bandit leader grabbed Garren by the throat, and the bandits, with Garren, disappeared.

Kinar and Ellywick, wanting answers from Marik, soon found themselves being transported as well.

Part Two to Conclude the Prologue.



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